About Canada Auto

Canada Auto was opened in 1935 by Michael and Anna Iwanchuk. It started out as a small 2 1/2 stall garage in downtown Winnipeg on Fort Street.

In 1960 the business expanded and a new shop was built at the same location.

In 1976 Michael Iwanchuk passed away leaving the the company to his son Jim who in 1990 turned the company over to his 4 sons, who then moved the business to its present day location at 1688 St. Matthews Ave. where again it has grown in size along with its services.

Canada Auto offers old fashioned, caring service, and a friendly atmosphere where we take the time to listen to the concerns of our customers.

Honesty and integrity are not only integral to who we are, but also to the way we do business. We treat our customers fairly so that they will not only return but recommend us to family and friends.

We provide service our customers brag about!

Repairing automobiles by replacing multiple parts needlessly has left many customers frustrated and problems unsolved. Here at Canada Auto we are constantly updating equipment to bring our customers the latest up to date service possible saving you time and money.

For an old company we use state of the art equipment.  If you would like a demonstration of our capabilities please stop in and we will gladly give you a tour of our facilities.